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Special offers for wedding reservations
Wedding Packages
Packages can be a great way to save your hard earned dollars! Take a look at our pre-built wedding packages to find savings. We have a number of different packages  that fit most budgets from low to high!
Hero Special
At BTSG we want to honor our heroes and their spouses. All Military, Fire, Police, Rescue, and First Responders  will receive an exclusive discount on their bridal services. 

Receive $50 off your bridal hair and makeup or $40 off bridal hair or makeup if only booking one. Must be booked with a party of 5 or more. 

Mention our "Hero Special" in your first inquiry or within your first messages with us to receive this special rate.


Required: A copy of your official ID.  

*Can be used in combination with Wedding Packages, but may not be used with promotions*

Weekday Discounts
More and more weddings are being booked during  the week in order to maximize savings so we want to help you get the best deals!


  • Receive Complimentary Bridal Hair 

    • $175 value - must be booked with party of 3 or more​


  • Receive Complimentary False Eyelashes & Reduced Reservation Fee

    • $36+ value - must be booked with party of 3 or more​

    • Complimentary Eyelashes are offered to all party members

    • $25 off Reservation Fee

    • Total Value - $61+


  • Book without minimum

    • Eliminates 4 person booking minimum​, see pricing below

      • Hair - (Bride: $175, Maid/Mothers: $100)

      • Makeup - (Bride: $175, Maid/Mothers $100)


  • Receive 50% off Bridal Hair and Makeup

    • $150 value - must be booked with a party of 3 or more​

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