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Wedding Contract

Contract Summary

Includes: Wedding Booking and Reservation fee

The Bride has been booked and reserved for the event date specified below. This is a contract confirming payment of The Bride's Reservation Fee and the booking of the event.

This contract covers the cost of travel for both the trial and the day of services.

After signing, The Bride will receive a confirmation email of the signing of this contract listing the terms The Bride agreed to today.

The Bride's signature of this contract is her agreement to the terms below.


The Bride's signature of this contract equates understanding that the terms of this contract may change at any time with or without advanced notice to clients.

Payment Terms

100% of Reservation Fee is due on the date of booking.

Reservation Fee will be sent via invoice to the email address given when signing.

"I agree to provide BTSG with complete payment for all of my services listed on my invoice of services rendered."

  • Payment for all services is expected on or before the day of the event.

  • Service pricing and packages are subject to change or be altered at any time with advanced notice to clients who have already booked.

We accept cash and card for payment options. We do not accept check payments.

  • All credit card processing, and invoice payment is done through Square, Inc. [US]​.

Reservation Fee/Refund Policy

Please be advised that a reservation fee is required for all group reservations before any trials have been performed. The date has not been booked until we receive payment and a signed contract.

  • The Bride will receive an invoice for the reservation fee, via the email used to sign this contract, and it is expected to be paid within 3 days to reserve the day.

  • The Bride's day will have a temporary hold for 3 days after signing this contract to reserve us for the event.

    • After 3 days The Bride's day will become available to other inquiries.

This fee is not a deposit for wedding day services, or for the cost of the trial.

This fee is not refundable as it covers traveling, and booking fees.

  • In the event that The Bride decides not to book with us after the trial has been performed we will issue a refund excluding the cost of travel for the trial, and for equipment purchased specifically for this event.

    • This refund may only be issued at least 6 weeks before the event date and must be discussed within 72 hours of the trial.

In the event that we have extenuating circumstances that prevent us from servicing the event, The Bride will be issued a full refund of the reservation fee, and we will do our best to set The Bride up with a new beauty team.

Wedding Packages

This section of the contract is only applicable if The Bride is planning to book one of the packages mentioned. Otherwise, The Bride may disregard this section of the contract for terms of her booking.

Bridal Bliss Package

  • The Bridal Bliss package cannot be changed to any other package type after the trial occurs.

    • Once the trial has taken place, The Bride cannot change packages ​or switch to A La Carte services.

  • Spa Day that is part of this package must be booked for the week of the wedding.​

The Engagement Package​

  • The Engagement package cannot be changed to any other package type after the trial occurs.

    • Once the trial has taken place, The Bride cannot change packages or switch to A La Carte services.​

Giveaway/Promotional Services

This section of the contract is only applicable if The Bride is planning to book with a Booking Special or other Promotion/Giveaway which includes Free or Complimentary services. Otherwise, The Bride may disregard this section of the contract terms of her booking.

  • Booking Type cannot be changed to any other package, special, or offer after booking.

  • In the event that The Bride books with a Booking Special or other Promotion/Giveaway, The Bride agrees that it is understood that gratuity will still be required for these services.

    • Gratuity will be calculated based on the full price of the service.​

    • Please see below for additional details regarding gratuity.


All trials are held on-site (home, hotel, etc).

Trials are not required, however are highly recommended.

A virtual trial will take place should The Bride opt out of a trial.

The Reservation Fee does not cover the cost of the trial.

Trials are non-refundable.

Gratuity is required to be paid for trials as well.

Trials canceled less than 1 week in advance are subject to a 50% cancellation Fee

Cancellation Policy

Services canceled with less than 1 month before the wedding date are to be paid for, and will be charged whether the client receives the services or not. Please refer to the Final Invoices section below.

  • All scheduled services (on the day of the event) MUST be paid for.

  • Services canceled day of, still need to be paid for except under extenuating circumstances approved by the Team Coordinator only.

  • Weddings canceled less than 2 months before the wedding date are subject to a $150.00 cancellation fee per scheduled technician.

  • Trials canceled less than 1 week in advance are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the services scheduled.

In the event of a cancellation or date change due to COVID-19 the following policy applies:​

  • We will do our best to reschedule the wedding date.

  • If we cannot reschedule or a cancellation is made, we will issue a refund of the Reservation Fee excluding any travel/booking/product fees used and any completed trials/services that have been paid for.

  • Weddings canceled due to COVID-19 related reasons must be made at least 3 weeks before the wedding date to receive a refund.

Any change in services after a quote has been provided is subject to a price change as all quotes are provided on a party-to-party basis, dependent upon the initial bridal party size when first inquiring.

Collecting Unpaid Payments

A valid credit card number will be required for all bookings, and should be saved when prompted at the checkout screen.

By signing this contract, The Bride agrees to allow us to charge their credit card only in the event of:

  • Cancellations after the 1 month deadline

    • (Will be charged on wedding day, client may still choose to pay cash on day of)

  • The 2 month cancellation fee

  • If services are rendered and The Bride or a member of the bridal party have refused to provide payment.

  • Before any charges* are made, The Bride will be made verbally aware (at time of event) or will receive an email stating that we will be charging the card on file to collect any unpaid payments.

    • *Charges - cancellations after 1 month deadline, 2 month cancellation fee, and unpaid services

  • Refusal to save a credit card on file with us will be deemed as a breach of contract and allow BTSG to terminate the contract and/or seek legal remedies. ​

  • We will take all measures possible to inform The Bride of any unpaid balances, and give appropriate time to make a payment before the card on file is charged.

Credit card numbers will be saved within our processing software, Square, Inc. [US].

Square's full security policy for encryption and fraud-protection can be viewed here.

Event Terms


​All clients should have clean, dry hair and faces at the time of their appointment.

  • ​Clients are to show up with DRY hair, unless otherwise discussed with a team coordinator.

    • Clients who arrive with wet hair, without being scheduled for it, will be subject to a $35 blow drying fee.

  • All clients should arrive on time for their scheduled appointments.​​

    • Clients more than 10 mins late for their appointment, forfeit their appointment time until everyone else has been worked on.

  • We ask that any clients/participants who are not vaccinated to please wear a mask while in the service room.

    • Learn more about how face masks can help at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website,​

Final Invoice/Schedule of Services:

​A Final Invoice will be sent 1 month before the wedding date. All services listed on the invoice are to be paid for and cannot be canceled after this point.

  • The Final Invoice will be based off of the headcount on the Client Participation form on the Wedding Planning Checklist.​

    • The Client Participation form details each client's hair and skin needs.

  • The Bride will still be held responsible for all services on this invoice regardless if the client receives them or not.

    • Any changes in services must be for an equal or greater value.

  • Final changes to the headcount should be made by updating the "Client Participation" form under Bridal Party Email in the Wedding Planning Checklist.

    • ALL FINAL CHANGES are to be made by the "Final Headcount"​ date listed on the Wedding Planning Checklist.

A Final Schedule will be sent 1 month before the wedding date. ​

  • Any schedule placement requests should be made within 1 week of receiving the email. ​

    • Not all requests can be accommodated but we will do our best to meet The Bride's every need!

​Bookings made less than 1 month before the wedding will receive their Final Invoice/Schedule no later than 10 days before the event date.

  • The quoted list of services or last discussed number of women and services needed will be used for the final head count for Final Invoices

Event touch ups:

​In the event that The Bride would like our team to stay after services for touch ups, there will be a fee starting at $50 per technician scheduled for the event.

  • (ex. If you have 3 technicians providing services for your event the cost of the event touch ups will be $150.)

  • The $50 rate for event touch ups is for a 2 hour wait/completion period.

    • If we need to wait longer than 2 hours for the touch ups to be completed, it will be subject to a higher fee. Please discuss further with us about wait times and pricing.

  • If you are not ready for the Event Touch Ups by the scheduled end time, you will either be charged for additional time or will forfeit your service time without refund.

    • When scheduling your Event Touch Ups, you will be asked if you would like to accept charges for extended Event Touch Ups or if you plan to forfeit the service in the event that you are not able to participate during the scheduled window. 

  • Event touch ups should be discussed and planned before the day-of event.

    • Event touch ups requested day-of the event may not be honored as we may not have the time in our schedules.


A minimum 20% gratuity will be added to each invoice for convenience.

  • Gratuity can be paid with cash or credit/debit cards. However cash is the preferred method.​

  • As of 01/01/2021 Final Invoices will include a 20% gratuity. 

  • The Final Invoice will list gratuity as part of the service pricing, and will also list a grand total at the bottom. 

    • Gratuity can be paid by each client individually, or as a single payment from one person. ​


​Is expected to be paid by the client if it totals over $5.00.

  • (Ex. Parking Garage, Hotel Garage, Meter Parking)


​"I give BTSG permission to photograph me and all other guests reserved with my party and allow them to use these photographs on their website, Facebook page, and future marketing of their business."

  • If there is concern with this permission, please bring it to the attention of the Team Coordinator to work out accommodations.

Acknowledgements/Waiver of Liability

I understand that it is my responsibility to let my technician know of any sensitivities or allergies that I or any of my party members have prior to the day of services.

  • I understand that the use of makeup and hair products, such as, but not limited to, eye and face powders, and hair sprays and gels may have varying effects based on my skin sensitivities such as redness, burning, and swelling of the skin, as such, I agree to hold BTSG harmless.

I acknowledge that I have read this contract and Waiver of Liability carefully and understand its meaning and I am voluntarily releasing the above named parties from these liabilities arising out of my booking of their services.

*Last edited on 10/20/2022

Don't forget to fill out the questionnaire forms on the "Our Beauties" page after you sign your contract!

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