Request Time Off

Submit a form below to request time off. As per the Employee Handbook:

  • "Time Off - We require of a minimum of 4 weeks notice to request a weekend off that the company has not yet booked. Minimum 6 weeks notice required for dates that the company has booked. 5 days notice is required to take off a day for funeral services."

Please check your Google Calendar to see if the date you are requesting has been booked or not. Regardless if a schedule has been posted or not, if there is a 5-6 am Wedding Event Booking, the company is booked and 6 weeks notice will be required to request the day(s) off. ​

All Time Off Requests must be submitted through this form. Texts, calls or in person conversations will not be accepted. 

You will receive a text message stating if the request has been Approved or Declined. Google Calendars will be updated with "RDO" if approved.

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