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Package Summary

Includes: Flawless Spa Day Package, Seasonal Special Package, Cupid's Sweethearts Couples Package or Kids Party Package

Flawless Spa Day: $50 Reservation fee (includes travel)

Seasonal Special: $50 Reservation fee (includes travel)

Cupid's Package: $50 Reservation fee (includes travel)

Kids Party/Prom: $50 Reservation fee (includes travel)

You have been booked and reserved for one of our flawless packages. This is a contract confirming payment of your reservation fee and the booking of your event. Your signature of this contract is your agreement to the terms below. 

Payment Terms

100% of Reservation Fee is due one date of booking.

Payment for all services is expected on or before the day of the event. 

This package cannot be broken down.  The entire package MUST be paid for.

I agree to provide BTSG with complete payment for all of my services.

We accept cash and card for payment options. We do not accept check payments.

Credit card payments are subject to a 7% card fee. 

All credit card processing, and invoice payment is done through Square, Inc. [US]

Reservation Fee/Refund Policy

Please be advised that a reservation fee is required for all group reservations. Your package has not been booked until we receive payment and a signed contract.

This fee is not refundable as it covers traveling, and booking fees.

Reservation fee is a partial deposit and partial travel and booking fee, please refer to email for specifics. 

Event Terms

Location Requirements: We are a travel-only company, therefore we do not have all necessary equipment that a full spa would have. 

In order for us to properly execute the services in this package, the location must have a sink, microwave, and a recliner/couch that we can stand behind. (You'll want to be able to lay back for your facial)

Gratuity: Is expected to be paid to each individual technician from each client themselves.

The amount of gratuity for each service is upon client discretion, however is required for each service. 

Permissions: I give BTSG permission to photograph me and all other guests reserved with my party and allow them to use these photographs on their website, Facebook page, and future marketing of their business. 

Acknowledgements/Waiver of Liability

I understand that it is my responsibility to let my technician know of any sensitivities or allergies that I or any of my party members have before the day of booking. 

I understand that the use of spa products such as, but not limited to, facial treatment products and waxing products may have varying effects based on my skin sensitives such as redness, burning, and swelling of the skin, as such, I agree to hold BTSG harmless. 

I acknowledge that I have read this contract and Waiver of Liability carefully and understand its meaning and I am voluntarily releasing the above named parties from these liabilities arising out of my booking of their services. 

*Last edited on 7/22/2017

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