Event Bids

How This Works:

Under the "Upcoming Events" Header you will find a list of upcoming events that have one or more positions available to be filled. Events will typically be posted 1 month before they occur for technicians to bid on.

Each event will list the Date and Time, Position Required, and the Payout according to Event Total and Dollars per Hour. The Dollar per Hour including Travel accounts for travel to and from the event from the Designated Meet Location. It does not factor your travel time from your house to the DML.

Bids requested for events will be subject to location preference. Meaning a Connecticut Technician will receive preference to a Connecticut event, so on and so forth. Bids are first come first serve and should be placed as soon as possible.

You will receive a text message when new events are posted at the same time as every technician on the Per Diem List. You should submit your request via text message to Morgan (860-596-7788).

Status: Will tell you if we have hired a technician for the event or not. Open Bid means that everyone can still bid for the event as no one has submitted their requests yet. Pending means that we have received one or more requests, and are determining a final decision. Hired means that someone has been hired for the event. You will always personally be notified about the status if you have placed a request.

Technicians who request a bid for an event, and cancel/call out before the event will be removed from the Per Diem List with no exceptions!

Get the Event Bids App (Currently Only available to Iphone Users)

Upcoming Events:

- Oct -

Event Date - Event Time

Position Required


Designated Meet Location

Event Total: $

$/Hr (Services Only): $

$/Hr (Including Travel): $

Status: Bid/Pending/Filled

Friday, October 5th - 12:15pm to 5:00pm

Hairstylist/Makeup Artist

Wareham, MA

DML: Morgan's House/Event

Event Total: $198.25

$/Hr (Services Only): $46.65

$/Hr (Including Travel): $--

Status: Filled

Sunday, October 7th - 10:15am to 1:30pm

Makeup Artist 

East Lyme, CT

DML: Event

Event Total: $178.75

$/Hr (Services Only): $55.00

$/Hr (Including Travel): $--

Status: Open Bid

Saturday, October 27th - 7:30am to 12:45pm

Hairstylist/Makeup Artist 

Danvers, MA

DML: Morgan's House/Event

Event Total: $201.50

$/Hr (Services Only): $44.78

$/Hr (Including Travel): $--

Status: Open Bid

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