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Destiny D.


Position: Lead Makeup Artist

Position Requirements: Bridal & Party Makeup, Facials & Spa Services

Wedding/Special Event Commission Rate: 85%

Specializes In: Wedding & Special Event Makeup

Training/Certifications: Traditional & Airbrush Trained;

Licenses: N/A

License Expiration Date: N/A

Date Started: 03/01/2016

Number of Events: ##

Emergency Contact: Cody Young


"Morgan, Destiny & Shelby were fun to chat with and made the morning fun..."

Lauren F 9/30/2017 (Dental Hygienist)

"Morgan and Destiny were very good, affordable and were early on the day of my wedding!.."

Elizabeth P 9/9/2017 (Cape Codder Resort)

"...Destiny did our makeup which was great..."

Christine E 7/30/2016 (Redhead Bride with Green Eyeshadow)

"Destiny was able to work her magic on my face, creating a dark & smokey eye look, yet maintaining that it was tasteful..."

Amanda H 11/19/2016

2018 Goals:

  • Fully utilize and fill out Client Cards

  • Be awake and prepared for all events

  • Wear uniform for all events

  • Continue to practice new techniques & looks/further knowledge and training

  • Up-sell Airbrush - Get more brides/clients to upgrade to Airbrush (its a $20 upg for everyone)

  • Spray Palettes with Alcohol Spray to maintain optimal sanitation


  1. Continuously check Google Calendars for new events and bookings. Notify me of any conflicts ASAP.

    1. Submit Time Off Requests for any dates or birthdays that fall on a weekend that you do not want to/cant be booked for​. Go to Request Time Off to submit dates

    2. Submit Time Off Request for May 31st and enter "Complete" for the reason

  2. Continuously check the Education Page. I do not make it for fun, it has new knowledge and techniques for us to learn to better our skills.​

    1. Read article on blush, and spring looks​

    2. Upcoming Classes: 

  3. Submit Before and After Training Pictures ​

Performance Review:

Absenteeism:                5 out of 5

Punctuality:                  3 out of 5

Insubordination:          5 out of 5

Uniforms/Appearance:   3 out of 5

Education:                      N/A

Administration:             N/A


Follows Procedures:    N/A

Sanitation/Cleanliness:     N/A

Service Times:                N/A

Upgrades:                        N/A

Probation:                      N/A


- Much more active in participating in conversation with client.

- More willingness to try new things.

- Consistently watches videos to further knowledge and skill.

- Consistently watches videos to further product knowledge.

Performance Score:   4.0

*Performance Reviews will occur twice per year, in March and again in October

Performance Review based on a scale of 1 to 5.

1 - Poor

2 - Not Good

3 - Needs a little work

4 - Good

5 - Excellent

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