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PackageType - Pending Booking

EventType - EventDate - Est. Party of #

Please submit Hair/Makeup Inspiration Photos and a photo of you & your fiancé for your profile through the "Let's Chat" Box below

Getting Ready Location:

Facility/Property TypeVenueName


City, State, Zip

Desired Start Time: Time

Desired End Time: Time

Ceremony Begin Time: Time

Will you be getting ready ay the same location as your ceremony/event? : Answer

Early Start Fee Required?: Yes No

Early Start Fee Estimate: $Answer

Contact Info:

Primary ContactClientName



Emergency Contact: Name



Wedding/Event Planner: CompanyName

Contact Info

Inspiration Photo Board

Wedding Inspo

Wedding Inspo

Wedding Inspo

Wedding Inspo

Trial Before Picture

Trial After Picture

Trial Picture

Trial Picture

All information regarding trials, including how and when to schedule them can be found on the Trials page (click the button at the top of this homepage or on the Client Portal). 

Trial Date & Location:

Trial Location Region for Booking Trial - #

WPC Suggested Trial Timeframe - Mnth to Mnth



Property TypeResidential Venue


City, State, Zip

Client Location Notes: Answer

Post Trial Notes:



Makeup: Answer


Application Adjustments/Notes:

  • ProblemConcern

    • SolutionNotes​

    • SolutionNotes

    • Refer to Trial Notes

      • TrialNotesChanges​

  • ProblemConcern

    • SolutionNotes​

    • SolutionNotes

    • Refer to Trial Notes

      • TrialNotesChanges

Top of WPC

Wedding Planning Checklist

Below you will find your Wedding Planning Checklist.  Each set of months will have a few things that need to be done by either you or us to make for a smooth process from this point on! Some tasks will need to be completed by opening and editing a Google Doc sheet, and some will be completed via email or the Chat Feature. It may be easier to complete the Google Doc required tasks on the computer. Your Personal Profile and entire BTSG Client Website App can be viewed and used on a desktop/laptop as well as a mobile device. Follow the same instructions used to access your Profile on your computer as you would on your mobile device!

At the very bottom of your WPC you will find a Preliminary Service Quote Breakdown that you can view at any time to see the total estimate of services as well as breakdown per person!

Your WPC will be updated once per week, typically on Tuesdays.

Tasks that are highlighted in light pink are the tasks are are currently due to be completed.

Tasks that are highlighted in black have already been completed.

Items that have an underline beneath them are a clickable link to access the corresponding task.

Blank Scratchbook

1. Read & Sign Contract

  • ​Within 1-3 days to secure booking

2. Pay Reservation Fee

  • Pay by Email Invoice

  • Email Invoice sent after signed contract

3. Event Questionnaires

4. Confirmation Email

  • Completed by BTSG

  • 1-3 Days after Booking

5. Upload Photos

  • Send in a Profile Photo for your Profile​

  • Send in Inspiration Pics of Hair/Makeup that you like

Due at Booking

Blank Scratchbook

1. Trial Informational Email

  • Completed by BTSG

2. Schedule Trial

  • ASAP to increase chances of desired date

  • Take IL Makiage Skin Quiz for Traditional Foundation

  • Send results to us via the Chat Feature 

3. Event Questionnaire

6-8 Mnths Before Event

(Month - Month)

Blank Scratchbook

1. Attend Trial/Virtual Trial Informational Email

  • Credit Card should be on file by this time

  • VT Info Email Completed by BTSG

2. Post Trial Email/Virtual Trial

  • Respond to Post Trial Email with notes, feedback & pictures

  • Fill out Virtual Trial Form

3. Fill Out Client Participation Form

  • 3-4 Months before Event

  • This form will be used for your updated & final headcount

4. Bridal Party/Guest Email

  • 2-3 Months before Event by BTSG

  • Forward PDF to the guests in your party

3-6 Mnths Before Event

(Month - Month)

Blank Scratchbook

1. Final Headcount

  • Due before 00/00/2000

  • Changes to Headcount/Client Participation form should occur by this time

2. Payment Type Questionnaire

  • Due by Final Headcount Date

  • Payment Type  Choice - 

3. Final Invoice & Schedule

  • Completed & emailed by BTSG

  • Occurs 1 month before Event

4. Final Confirmations

  • Review and confirm accuracy of Invoice & Schedule

1-2 Mnths Before Event

(Month - Month)

Blank Scratchbook

1. Final Reminder

  • Emailed by BTSG

2. Wash Hair & Hair Prep from Trial

  • 1-2 Days before Event

  • Hair Prep from Trial 

3. Wash Face

  • Morning of the event making sure to remove all old makeup (especially mascara and liner)

  • Mini Face Tmt Clients can REFRAIN from washing face before services

  • Avoid using any NEW products not known to your skin to prevent bad reactions


  • Its FINALLY your Event Day! See you soon!

Week of Event


Blank Scratchbook

Preliminary Service Quote

Total Services Requested​


Bridal Hair & Makeup 

  • $0.00​​

Maids/Mothers Hair & Makeup x0

  • $155.00

Maids/Mothers Hair Only x0

  • $90.00

Maids/Mothers Makeup Only x0

  • $75.00

Jr. Bridesmaid Hair & Makeup x0

  • $120.00

  • $70 Hair Only/ $60 Makeup Only

Flower Girls Hair & Makeup x0

  • $68.00

  • $50 Hair Only/ $25 Makeup Only

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