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IL Makiage Skin Quiz

Please click HERE to fill out the IL Makiage Skin Quiz to determine which foundation shade and type would be best for your skin.

Please be sure to read all instructions carefully and answer all questions accurately as this will determine the foundation ordered for your trial and big day.

If you are unsure what this skin quiz is, or would like more information, please view the information detailed on the Trials page. This quiz is due at least 1 month before your scheduled trial. You can submit your results by screenshotting the results page/email and sending it to us in a chat right here on the BTSG Client App.

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Wedding Planning Checklist

Below you will find access to and a list of the current highlighted items on your Wedding Planning Checklist.  Each set of months will have a few things that need to be done by either you or us to make for a smooth process from this point on! The tasks on this list can be found with more detail by opening the WPC.

This list will be updated once per week on Tuesdays.

Click anywhere on the box below to open your WPC in a new window. This is the checklist that details all steps with us in between now and the big day. Including a link or instructions on how to complete the task. It will also include a Balance Due, and preliminary breakdown. The comments box at the bottom may include additional instructions needed to complete the highlighted tasks.

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