Bridal Beauty Bags

Event Addons/Upgrades

Image above for advertising purposes, bag design is subject to change. Custom colors can be requested for additional fees.

In Each Bag:
1 Blank "Thank You" Card

1 Travel size Hair Brush

1 Compact Mirror

1 Pack of Tissues

1 Pack of Facial Blotting Tissues

1 Mini Hairspray

1 Clear Lip Gloss




3-4 Bags - $10.00 each

5-7 Bags - $8.50 each

8+ Bags - $7.00 each

** Add a Bridesmaid Charm Bracelet for only $10/bag. (Must be added to all bags on order)

Special Occasion Express Spa Services

Indulge in our luxurious and relaxing Express Spa Services for your wedding by having a morning that not only refreshes you for your big day, but takes away all the stress!

Soothing Hand Treatment:

Before you get in the chair for your hair and makeup, technicians will perform an exfoliating scrub  on your hands and forearms and then you will moisturize in lush paraffin wax in our Soothing Hand Treatment Refreshers! Wax will be removed , and ladies will continue for beauty services. 

*Location must have sink!

Parties of 6 & under: $50

Parties of 7 -12: $85

Hand Massages:

Start the morning right with our Hand Massage Express Spa Service from our technicians right before your hair or makeup service. Your technician will give you a relaxing hand massage for 10 minutes with a hydrating hand cream when you sit in her chair. You'd be surprised how much tension is locked up inside your palms!

*Warm cream will be used if location has microwave

Parties of 6 & under: $50

Parties of 7 -12: $85


Enjoy 1 of 8 different essential oils to relax with on your wedding day. We will bring and set up an oil diffuser to relax the room as you and your party get ready. 

*Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint, Frankincense, Rosemary


Mini Face Treatment:

Prepare your face and mind by removing dead skin and oils  first, and then add hydration back to your face with our Mini Face Treatment Service. Technicians will have clients wash their face with a foaming cleanser, followed up by an exfoliating scrub. Then technicians will apply a 24k Gold Illuminating Mask to improve the radiance and luminosity of the skin. Its shimmery-gold  properties will have you and your skin brightened and ready to get married or celebrate the special event of your loved ones! Masks will be removed, and ladies will continue for beauty services

Parties of 6 & under: $25pp

Parties of 7 -12: $20pp

**Special Occasion Express Spa Services will add some additional time to your service time with us. Please discuss scheduling details with Morgan.

(Must be booked for everyone on Event Invoice.)


Upgrade items are subject to availability. In the event that one or more items are not available, we will notify you, and provide you with a similar item in place as well as the option to cancel your upgrades. For best results, place orders for Beauty Bridal Bags at least 2 months in advance.